Our professional consulting entails advice to clients or project management. We advise businesses on how to ensure the best return on their investment from all ICT products and technologies.


Our goal is to develop innovative, context-based systems. Dajo Technologies has a developed system infrastructure that enables us to provide a variety of solutions.


Dajo Technologies provides a one-stop-shop ICT support service to clients.

  • Space Planning & design: This is a front to end service where we plan and design an office look taking into consideration all the clients’ requirement. This enables us to plan infrastructure layout and architecture while also enabling us to determine the nature of furniture and equipment to be fitted.


Dajo Technologies is working with Dajo Associates to develop a platform that provides data for a variety of users such as emerging small businesses, policy-makers, financial institutions, national, provincial & local government, donor agencies among others.

The two products that are currently being developed are the: