Leveraging our network

Our name Dajo is taken from Kenya's Luo ethnic group and broadly means something that is extraordinary. Dajo Technologies has grown since conception in 2008. Our clients have grown with us much to our mutual benefit. We have also increased our in-take of interns in the past year as we have grown. Our partnerships have also matured with the likes of Citrix, Mustek, Workgroup and Microsoft. As the year draws to an end, we have positioned ourselves as an IT solutions company providing convenience through the packaging of relevant technologies for consumption. Our Citrix partnership in particular has positioned us in the forefront for VDI technology. Simply put, VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) allows you to get access to your desktop and/or applications in a secure and convenient method via most end devices like tablets, mobile phones and terminals. Industry Analysts like Gartner predict that this form of computing will be inevitable in the coming years. We see this when-ever we showcase this to clients and in our current implementations.

We have a school in Johannesburg running a 40 seater computer lab on Citrix VDI-in-a-Box with Ncomputing N400 terminals running. The school experiences power savings - 40 desktops running off one server and each terminal running on less than 5 watt of power. There is reduced downtime and maintenance cost savings as the server configuration is robust, most admin is done remotely and desktops are refreshed on every logout(part of the Citrix solution).

Citrix solutions has become one of our focus areas for our company and do see more implementations early next year. Our focus on convenience and cloud based technologies means that we are also Office 365 Partners - this platform has provided SME's with the tools necessary to work and collaborate without worrying about running server equipment on-site and paying exorbitant fees for maintenance.

We currently have a client whose business is in split locations. Office 365 has provided him with true collaborative functionality which is not location based - his organisation gets access to email, documents and instant communication messages where-ever they are and on most mobile devices.

Our focus on technologies such as Citrix and Office 365 has provided fruitful interactions with existing and potential clients. Next year should be an exciting time for us as we have laid the foundation for growth. We hope that we can take you along for the ride. Watch this space.

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